Tenika Davies

From sale to settlement, you are in the most trusted hands.

With over 10 years of experience, you can be assured every contract placed on Tenika Davies’ desk will be processed and completed to the highest level. Having been a pivotal part in top selling agent and director Ben Gazal’s success in the sales industry, Tenika not only knows how to run at a high level, she knows how to do it well and is across all facets of the sales process.

Having lived in the United Kingdom training an administration team for the Central London Region, Tenika is not only a skilled administrator but a great leader herself, and is now building a team of her own here in Australia.

With such a cultured working background, Tenika completes our team at Your Property Co. and continues to challenge the way we do business and brings a unique outlook like no other.

Contact Tenika

Tenika Davies (07) 3854 1881