***Cashflow Investment*** 6% ROI

This property is currently not available.

The best house on the block. A luxurious, modern display home on the corner that sets the standard for the rest of the new neighborhood. Complete with voids, views, and everything else you would expect from Ausmar’s Homes top work. This house is one that has to be seen in person to appreciate its design and flow.

Ausmar will be renting this property back at a guaranteed 6% rental return to the highest offer so they can continue to use it as a display home. Offers close in 4 weeks.

This is an excellent opportunity to grab a positive investment in a new estate that is also expecting exciting appreciation as the developments around it continue. These developments include schools, houses, new main roads to the highway, sports grounds, parks, shops, and more. Google ‘New Harmony Estate Sunshune Coast’, and click the first link to see the future of this exciting new estate and how its bright future will ensure steady appreciation.

The estate is new and beautiful. With high, quality, modern houses pushing the limits of building design surrounding it. These other houses will only ensure that this area remains popular and luxurious.

The fact that your ‘tenant’ would be Ausmar, ensures smooth sailing with no normal tenant risks and issues.

This is a rare opportunity. Are you going to keep scrolling or take advantage of it?

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